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Communion wafers are an integral part of the communion service.   The bread and wine symbolize the body and blood of Christ.  The bread in the communion service represents the body of Christ.  Catholics also believe in transubstantiation.  They believe that when you pray a blessing over communion during the service, the bread and the wine are literally the body and blood of Christ.  Protestant churches believe in the symbolic nature of the bread and blood of Christ.

Regardless of the way your church serves communion, it is important that you purchase the appropriate wafers for the service.  There are several sites where you can purchase communion supplies including communion trays, communion wine, and communion wafers.  Here are the most common types of communion wafers and supplies.

Unleavened Communion Bread Pack

This is probably the most common type of bread served in Holy Communion.   The bread of Christ is unleavened and broken into ½ square pieces for easy serving to the congregation.  The bread is made from water, flour, and vegetable shortening. You can usually purchase the unleavened bread pieces in large packs of 500 pieces or larger.

Gluten Free Communion Wafers

Gluten free communion wafers are important for people who need to eat gluten free foods.  If someone says they are on a gluten free diet, it means they may have Celiac disease.  This is a genetic disease that is an autoimmune disorder of the small bowel.  People with this disorder have very selective diets, but they can eat ingredients and foods like potatoes, tapioca, rice, corn, sweet potato, and yam.  Physicians disagree on some of the foods that you can eat when you have Celiac disease.  Oats are consumed by some sufferers of Celiac disease, but some doctors advise against it.

Prefilled Communion Cups

Prefilled communion cups are great because they are easy to handle.  In most cases, you can purchase prefilled communion cups that include the wafers too.  These can be used in a normal church service, but they are great for use in mobile churches that don’t have an established building.  It takes a lot of time to prepare the elements for Holy Communion, but these don’t require any preparation.

Plastic Communion Cups

If you are going to provide your own wine and bread for this occasion, you should probably consider buying plastic communion cups.  These cups are great because you purchase a lot of these cups for a cheap price.

Make sure that you purchase the supplies that make the most sense for your church services.  Buying supplies in bulk will give you the best value for your money, as you will be able to save on shipping costs when you buy a large supply of wafers and juice.  Prefilled communion cups with wafers work great for many services.  You can find the unleavened community bread pack at many Christian websites.  While communion wafers can be purchased at various websites, Christian websites that specialize in communion supplies have the largest selection of wafers and juice sets.


Christian jewelry for women is an awesome way to witness to your friends without saying anything. Our pastors and spiritual mentors are always telling us how we need to share the good news of the Gospel, but most of us aren’t bold about sharing our faith. In a world where more and more people are turning away from Jesus, we have to find creative ways to share our faith. Jewelry is one of the most creative ways to share our faith without having to say anything.

Wearing a cross necklace is one of the most popular ways to communicate our faith with non-verbal communication. A necklace is great when you are going into an environment where you are trying to get to know a lot of new people. Most people aren’t going to like it if you preach the gospel to them the first time you meet them, but wearing jewelry will nonverbally communicate that you are a Christian. If you wear a cross necklace, you are making a statement about your faith.

There may be some people that are offended by your jewelry, but you should not let this stop you! Many people will judge you by their first impressions of you. Even if someone is offended by your cross necklace, they will still like you if you are cordial and friendly when you talk to them. In our politically correct culture, we are way too overly concerned about offending people! Don’t worry about it! Most people are not going to judge you simply because you are wearing a cross necklace! When you purchase Christian jewelry for women, you are sharing your faith without saying anything.

Purity rings are very popular among teenagers. If you are looking for a great gift for your teenager for their birthday, this is a gift that would work great. If you are a youth pastor preaching about abstinence before marriage, then purity rings are the perfect way to make a lasting statement. If you are preaching about abstinence at a summer or winter retreat, then you could have your teenagers sign a pledge to remain abstinent before marriage. Anyone who signs the pledge gets a purity ring! Purity rings are among the most popular categories of Christian jewelry for women.

Crossfish earrings are another great way to share your faith! Earrings are great for women’s events. Men may not notice earrings, but women always notice earrings in the first conversation. They are also stylish when you are spending time with family and friends on a holiday outing. They can be worn for causal events or special occasions.

There are many categories of Christian jewelry for women. Most people are familiar with Christian cross necklaces. This is the most obvious way to share your faith with other people without having to state anything publically. Purity rings are very popular with teenagers. You can also wear Christian earrings and Christian bracelets. There are many ways you can communicate your faith with Christian jewelry for women.

Planting a new church is one of the best ways to reach people for Christ!  In a troubled world, there are thousands of people who are hurting and looking for an answer to life’s troubles.  As Christians, it is our job to reach out to a lost and hopeless world that needs our help.  If you are starting a new church, or you are taking over an existing congregation, there are many church supplies you will need for your new church.  Some of the church supplies you might need for your congregation include church bulletins, communion supplies, Sunday school supplies, church office supplies, and even church furniture.

I have always recommended working with a Christian organization when you are buying all of your supplies.  They can offer advice for everything you’ll need for your new church building.  Let’s explore some of the most common supplies you’ll need for your church.

Church bulletins

Church bulletins are an important part of the church service.  Church bulletins are the best way to let people know what is going on in the church.  Depending on the size of the congregation, you may have a lot of different events going on during the week, and you won’t have time to address everything during the church service.  Designing a church bulletin for the first time is difficult if you have never done anything like this.  The time you would spend designing a church bulletin might be better doing other things.

Candles for Church

When it comes to church supplies, many people forget about getting candles.  Church candles are a great way to change the mood of the church.  They are great for Christmas Eve services.  If you are planting a church in a country with frequent blackouts, you should have candles to keep the building lit when the electricity is out.  The fire marshal might have an issue with the candles if you have a lot of people with candles in a sanctuary, so you might want to purchase battery candles too.

Communion Supplies

There are sites where you purchase communion supplies for every denomination.  Catholic church supplies vary from other denominations, but you can find anything you need for your communion times.  Some of the communion supplies you are going to need include communion wafers, communion trays, and communion wafer and juice sets.

Sunday School Supplies

Sunday school supplies could include curriculums for children and teenagers.  In a Sunday school room, you will need to have church furniture like tables, chairs, and storage cabinets.  If you want to use a whiteboard, you will want to purchase this too.

There are many church supplies you may need when you first start your church.  These supplies will be essential for your church body.  The best place to buy church supplies is at a reputable Christian website where you can buy items in bulk and find every item imaginable.  When you buy at a site online, you will have the best selection of items, and you should be able to get the best rates too.

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The New International Version Bible is one of the most popular bibles around today.  It is the second most popular English translation of the bible behind the King James Bible.  Many people are looking for study bibles where they can take their understanding of God’s word to a new level.  If you have children, it can be difficult to find a bible that will encourage your children to read the Bible.  Christian high school seniors face many tough challenges as they head off to college, and they definitely need to have a good study bible!  No matter where you are in life, there are Bibles that are appropriate for every walk in life.

Here are a few ideas for buying a New International Version Bible.

NIV Electronic Bible

The NIV Electronic Bible is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  More and more people are showing up in church with the NIV electronic Bible on their smart phone, Ipad, or Amazon Kindle.  There are many great applications being published today where you can look up any verse in scripture at the push of a button.  New Christians that aren’t familiar with the order of the Old Testament and New Testament can instantly find books of the Bible with a simple search.

Many young people today would never walk around with a Bible, but they would carry an electronic NIV bible on their smart phone.  There is no excuse for anyone not to have the New International Version Bible if you have a smart phone.

NIV Study Bible

The NIV teen study Bible is great because it helps teens get through the tough adolescent years.  Teens are constantly fighting against negative peer pressure and negative influences in the public school system, so having an NIV study Bible is key to surviving the teen years.

The NIV study Bible is great for adults who want to understand the Bible in a new way.  There are many NIV Life Application study Bibles you can purchase that will help you apply the word of God to your life.  There are NIV study Bibles for men, NIV study Bibles for women, NIV study Bibles for senior adults, and NIV study Bibles for young adults.  There are many New International Version Bibles for every walk of life.

NIV Pocket Bible

NIV pocket Bibles are great for those people who don’t want to lug around a huge Bible everywhere they go.  People who work in cramped environments or spend a lot of time in the car may need to have a Bible they can quickly grab out of a bag or glove box.

NIV Large Print Bible

Older adults and those people with poor eyesight may benefit from owning a NIV large print bible.   Retired adults often have more time to read and study the Word of the Lord, so they may spend more time in the Word than most people.

Whether you decide to purchase NIV study bible, NIV pocket bible, NIV electronic bible, NIV large print Bible, or any other NIV bible, there are many great New International Version Bibles available in the 21st century.

Discover great New International Version Bibles for every occasion.

Buy a Bible Online

Many people are looking to buy a bible online.  Most people today do not have any reservations about shopping online.  It used to be that people that were scared of submitting any information online, but that is not the case today.  The internet is great because you can find any type of book imaginable.  It does not matter what you want.  You can find it on the internet!  The word of God is still the best-selling book in the world!  It has survived intact for over 2,000 years, and there are no signs that anything is going to change soon.

Where Should You Buy a Bible online?

One of the biggest questions that many Christians ask is where should you buy a Bible online?  The first place that many people think about is  Amazon is the center of the universe when it comes to online book sales.  Just about everyone has heard of Amazon.  This is a great site for looking for reviews of all types of books.  Since it gets so much traffic, you can find reviews of just about any book imaginable on this site.  If you want to get reviews of a Bible before you make a purchase, then I would recommend checking out Amazon.

I do not recommend that you buy a Bible online from Amazon.  This is because there are many other reputable Christian sites that also sell Bibles.  When you buy a Bible online at Amazon, some of the profits could go to support non-Christian causes.  When you buy a Bible online at a Christian site, you can rest assured in knowing that your money will go toward supporting the work of Christ.

Where are other sites to buy a Bible online?

Ebay is another site where I like to shop.  Ebay has everything imaginable.  Ebay is kind of like an online yard sale that never ends.  Even when one buyer’s auction ends, there is always someone else there to take their place.  One of the disadvantages to buying on Ebay is that you do not know the motivation of the seller on the site.  They could be trying to raise money to pay their bills, or they may sell thousands of other items too.  If you want to buy a Bible online that is new, then you are taking your chances when you shop on Ebay.

What are the advantages to buy a Bible online at a Christian site?

There are many advantages to dealing with a Christian website.  As I am sure you have guessed, Christian sites are much more likely to promote Christian causes.  This is just one of the many benefits of dealing with Christians when buying a study Bible.  When you buy a Bible online at a Christian site, you can usually get the best selection of different Bibles.  You can also buy a Bible in bulk.  Christian websites are run by people who are experts in the different types of Bibles available, and they have connections with many vendors who sell Bibles.   Someone that is really into fishing is likely going to buy from a sporting goods store before they buy the rod from Wal-Mart.

When you buy a Bible online, there are many options to consider.  You can buy them at many sites, but Christian sites will submit a portion of the profits to Christian causes.

Discover where you can buy Bibles in bulk.

Are you looking to buy Bibles in bulk?  Do you know what kind of scriptures you want to buy?  Do you need them for a church, or are you going to smuggle them into China?  There are many reasons why a Christian would buy Bibles in bulk.  There are many Christian websites that sell Bibles, and some sites will give you free shipping if you buy items at a bulk rate.   There are several aspects you should consider when you are purchasing a lot of Bibles.

Buy Everything Through a Reputable Christian Retailer

Christians are going to have the best resources and connections when it comes to buying Christian products.  With all of the selection available today, it is easy for people to buy everything through major retailers, but I recommend sticking with the Christian companies.  When you buy items through Christian companies, you will know that you are supporting Christian causes that strongly support your efforts to spread the Gospel through the church.

The Size of the Bibles

When you buy Bibles in bulk, you should think about the size of the Bibles.  Do they need to be able to fit in the back of the pews at your church, or will they be sent overseas to be distributed to the locals?  These are all important considerations to evaluate before you order.  Smaller Bibles will be easier to transport than larger Bibles, but the smaller print might be harder to read too.

Lifespan of the Bibles

If you are buying them to place in a church sanctuary, it is very possible that they will be there for many decades.  You should make sure that the Scriptures you buy are sturdy and will last for a very long time.  Many Christian organizations and churches will buy Bibles in bulk to place in hotel rooms.  This is a great way to reach people with the Gospel, as there are only so many things you can do when staying in a hotel.  In many cases, these will be removed from the hotel room, so I would not buy anything that is designed to still be around in 40 years.

Choosing the Right Translation

Every church denomination has their own preference for reading the Scriptures.  Some of the most popular versions of the Bible include the NIV, NKJ, KJV, NRSV, Message, NASB, and the NLT.  Make sure you buy the right version for your readers.  If the Pastor reads the word from the NIV version, and you are buying Bibles to place within the congregation, you should buy the NIV version for the sanctuary.

When you buy Bibles in bulk, there are many important features to consider.  The size of the book makes a big difference if you are going to be carrying everything for long distances.  Pocket-size Bibles are much easier to transport than larger Scriptures.  If you are handing them out in the mission field and can get them at a cheaper price, you can get more Scriptures distributed and reach more people with the Gospel.  When you buy Bibles in bulk, make sure you work with a reputable Christian retailer.

Check out a reputable Christian retailer to buy Bibles in bulk.