The New International Version Bible is one of the most popular bibles around today.  It is the second most popular English translation of the bible behind the King James Bible.  Many people are looking for study bibles where they can take their understanding of God’s word to a new level.  If you have children, it can be difficult to find a bible that will encourage your children to read the Bible.  Christian high school seniors face many tough challenges as they head off to college, and they definitely need to have a good study bible!  No matter where you are in life, there are Bibles that are appropriate for every walk in life.

Here are a few ideas for buying a New International Version Bible.

NIV Electronic Bible

The NIV Electronic Bible is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  More and more people are showing up in church with the NIV electronic Bible on their smart phone, Ipad, or Amazon Kindle.  There are many great applications being published today where you can look up any verse in scripture at the push of a button.  New Christians that aren’t familiar with the order of the Old Testament and New Testament can instantly find books of the Bible with a simple search.

Many young people today would never walk around with a Bible, but they would carry an electronic NIV bible on their smart phone.  There is no excuse for anyone not to have the New International Version Bible if you have a smart phone.

NIV Study Bible

The NIV teen study Bible is great because it helps teens get through the tough adolescent years.  Teens are constantly fighting against negative peer pressure and negative influences in the public school system, so having an NIV study Bible is key to surviving the teen years.

The NIV study Bible is great for adults who want to understand the Bible in a new way.  There are many NIV Life Application study Bibles you can purchase that will help you apply the word of God to your life.  There are NIV study Bibles for men, NIV study Bibles for women, NIV study Bibles for senior adults, and NIV study Bibles for young adults.  There are many New International Version Bibles for every walk of life.

NIV Pocket Bible

NIV pocket Bibles are great for those people who don’t want to lug around a huge Bible everywhere they go.  People who work in cramped environments or spend a lot of time in the car may need to have a Bible they can quickly grab out of a bag or glove box.

NIV Large Print Bible

Older adults and those people with poor eyesight may benefit from owning a NIV large print bible.   Retired adults often have more time to read and study the Word of the Lord, so they may spend more time in the Word than most people.

Whether you decide to purchase NIV study bible, NIV pocket bible, NIV electronic bible, NIV large print Bible, or any other NIV bible, there are many great New International Version Bibles available in the 21st century.

Discover great New International Version Bibles for every occasion.