Are you searching for Bibles for sale online?  You are not the only one!  In the last days, millions of people are looking for Scriptures they can buy for their church, Sunday school class, orphanage, overseas ministry, or just for witnessing and distributing through evangelism.   The word of God is the best-selling book in the world for a reason!  For all of the hype we hear about the latest books being sold, the Bible is still easily the best-selling book around, and it is clear that God has preserved his word for thousands of years so that present-day Christians can understand the love he has for us.

When you are searching for bibles for sale online to distribute in the mission field, you want to make sure that the government will allow you to ship Bibles to your location.  Some countries don’t allow you to even own a Bible, but most countries don’t have any laws regarding the scriptures.  Here are some of the popular translations you can find when you search for Bibles online.

The King James Version

This is the oldest English translation of the Scriptures in use today.  People have been reading the King James Bible since the early 1600s. It is actually the third version of the Scriptures to be translated in English, as the first translation was the Great Bible, and the second translation was the Bishop’s Bible.   This is a great translation for Bible scholars and those that prefer the old English translation of the Scriptures.  There is also a group of people, known as the King James Only movement, who believe that the King James is the superior version of the English translations, and many of these people believe this is the only translation that American and English Christians should read.

The New King James Version

This is another popular updated version of the King James Bible.  Most of the diehard King James Bible readers don’t accept this as an acceptable alternative to the King James Bible, but it is one of the most popular translations today.

The Message Bible

The Message Bible is a relatively new translation of the Scriptures.  It was finished in 2002, and it is often referred to as the paraphrase Bible.  Many scholars do not recommend this translation of the Scriptures be used for Bible study.  It is often used to get a different perspective on the Scriptures.  Eugene Peterson wrote this new translation of the Scriptures because he felt that adults weren’t feeling the directness and vitality of the scriptures he felt when he studied the Scriptures in original Greek.

Even though this translation is often referred to as a paraphrase Bible, it was translated straight from the Greek texts.

The New International Version

According to the latest statistics, this is the number one most popular translation of the Scriptures today.  Over 200 million copies of this translation have been sold since the 1970s.  Many churches use this translation in churches on a regular basis.  If you are buying a Bible for someone, and you are not sure what translation to buy, then this is one of the best translations to gift to friends or family.

Bibles For Sale Online

There are many other translations of Bibles for sale online that anyone can purchase.  Some of the other most popular translations include the English Standard Version, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, and the New American Standard Bible.  Catholic Christians use their own translations, so keep this in mind if you are buying a Bible online for a Catholic Christian.