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Get all of the information on the 5 languages of love here!

Do you know what the 5 languages of love are?  Many people have read the famous book by Gary Chapman, but there are still new people discovering it all the time.  Over five million copies of the popular book have been sold, as it is consistently a New York Times bestseller. Many couples read the book in premarital counseling, and other couples read it after getting married.  Chapman teaches that understanding your spouse’s love language is one of the keys to a successful marriage.

If you are not familiar with the 5 languages of love, then here they are!

5 Languages of Love

Words of Affirmation

Some people like to receive words of affirmation or praise.  People who want to hear praise need to hear they are great and special.  Actions don’t speak louder than words in their minds.  They are also especially sensitive to criticism, so you need to be careful how you criticize someone who has this love language.

Quality Time

Some people just need to spend time with others!  People who have this love language need your undivided attention.  They expect to have their spouse’s attention regularly.  Quality time does not have to be anything special, but it does need to be dedicated time with your spouse.  You need to be willing to turn off the TV and the computer to spend time with your wife!  Quality time does not mean doing chores together either!  When you spend quality time together, you talk about your day and pay attention to your mate.

Acts of Service

Acts of service is one of the 5 languages of love.  Some people like to be served!  They love it when you clean their car for them, make dinner for them, and do their chores for them.  Think about how your mate expresses their love for you.  If your mate is always serving you and doing things for you, then acts of service is one of their main love languages.  Mates who appear to be lazy and don’t do any work around the house will not be attractive to someone who loves acts of service.

Receiving Gifts

Spouses that like receiving gifts love when they receive random gifts all the time.  It really speaks to their heart when they receive a love note from you.  Women who have the receiving gifts love language want you to show up at home with chocolate or other random food.  You should never forget an anniversary or other special occasion.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is one of the 5 languages of love.  Some people love to be touched.  You can express your love for your mate through holding hands, touching each other on the arm, hugs, and other touchy feely actions!  Mates that want to be touched also expect you to be around to be touched.  It is especially difficult for spouses who like physical touch to be away from their mate for an extended period of time.

These are the 5 languages of love that Gary Chapman speaks about in his book the Five Love Languages.  Most people will fall primarily into one of these five primary languages, and they will have tendencies toward other languages too.


Bible Covers For Women

Get your Bible covers for women here!
Bible covers for women make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift.  They are great for keeping your bible in great shape for many years.  A Bible is perhaps the most important possession that most of us will ever have, so you want to protect it with a beautiful cover.  There are literally thousands of bible covers for women that are stylish and can fit all sizes of Bibles.  Most covers come with a handle so that you can carry it by the handle!  There are several features of a great cover for your Bible that you’ll want to take into consideration when purchasing the Word of God.


When you are looking at cover you want to purchase, you should look to see if it has several pockets where you can store pens, church bulletins, and notes from the last sermon.  If you are like many people, you may store bulletins from the last six months in your cover!  If the Bible has multiple pockets, this would allow you to keep small pens and small items in one pocket, and notes and other papers in another pocket.  Some of the pockets will have zippers so you don’t have to worry about things falling out of your Bible.  I have had items fall out of the pocket when I didn’t have a zipper on the pocket, so it is nice to have zippers for the pockets on the outside of the cover.  Some of the covers today will even come with cell phone pockets.


You can get Bible covers for women that are made of many different materials today.  Generally speaking, leather covers will hold up longer than other materials.  You can get covers in leather material, microfiber, durable nylon, khaki, and many other materials.


If you want a fashionable cover, you can get covers in almost any color.  The trendy lux leather purple cover is one of the most popular covers among women today.  It comes with Hebrews 11:1 printed on the front of the cover.  Some women love black, so leather black covers are always popular with women.  Women’s bible covers tend to come in a wide variety of colors, so if color is important, you can find any color you want.  You can also purchase covers that come in multiple colors, camouflage colors, or even zebra colors!

There are many other features to consider as you search for the right cover that will fit your needs.  Many of the covers you can purchase for women are designed to make the Bible look like a purse.  These are stylish and fashionable for many women.  Make sure to purchase your Bible covers for women at a reputable site that specializes in the sale of Christian products, as these sites often have the best and largest selection of products.

There are many different types of Bibles you can buy today!  It isn’t just about different Bible translations.   If you are looking for the most popular translations today, the most popular translations are the New International Version, the King James Version, the New King James Version, the New American Bible, the New Revised Standard Version, and the English Standard Version.  Most Christians know about the different translations, but they don’t know anything about the different types of Bibles you can buy.

Here are some of the major types of Bibles:

Parallel Bibles

Parallel Bibles are designed for Christians who want to compare the Scriptures between different translations. This makes it easier to understand exactly what the Word is trying to communicate to the believer.  A parallel Bible might just compare two translations side by side, or it could compare three or four translations.  It is very interesting to see the different translations side by side.  You might see a verse that doesn’t make any impact on you in one translation, but then it makes a huge impact on you with another version.

One Year Bibles

These are the best types of Bibles for people who are not disciplined to read the Bible and need a day by day plan to follow.  This is great for people who have a hard time staying disciplined to study the Word of the Lord every single day.  You can find day by day Bibles that include daily devotionals that help you study the word that you are reading for the day.  Even if you are disciplined to read the Word of God every day, it is real easy to read it without really studying or dwelling on what you have read.

Chronological Bibles

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible in chronological order?  You can with chronological Bibles.  These types of Bibles are laid out so you can read it in the time frame that everything occurs in Scripture.  Many people that the old and new testaments are already laid out in chronological order, but this is not true.

Types of Bibles

Reference Bibles

Reference Bibles give references to other scriptures throughout the Bible.  With reference Bibles, you can quickly refer to other related passages of Scripture if you come across a specific topic that seems interesting to you.  You can get reference Bibles in different translations.

Specialty Bibles

Specialty Bibles can be made for any occasion.  You could have specialty Bibles for women, couples, military personnel, and other niches.

There are many types of Bibles you can buy today.  It all depends on how you want to study the Scriptures.  You can get Bibles to read in chronological order, one year, or you can get parallel bibles.

Top Five Bibles For Kids Every Child Should Own!

There are many awesome resources you can buy today when you are looking for bibles for kids.  It is not difficult to find different versions of the Word for all generations, but it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices that are out there!  It is my opinion that buying a Bible for a child is perhaps the most important investment you can ever make! We often spend more money on video games and entertainment for our children than we do on teaching them about Jesus!  When it comes to getting a new Bible for your child, price should never be a major issue in selecting a new Bible.

There are literally thousands of different Bibles you can purchase for kids today.  Here are the top five Bibles for kids available today.

The Beginner’s Bible by Henley Karyn

This is the perfect new Bible for younger children that are just learning about Jesus for the first time.  Kids must make their own decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior, but a fun Bible with vibrant photos and art is a great way to introduce children to the teachings of Jesus.  This Bible won the 2006 Retailers Choice award for nonfiction children’s books. The Bible includes many illustrations and over 90 stories that will be easy for kids to review.  Young children are captivated with all the beautiful art, and they can learn about Jesus even before they know how to read!  Of all of the Bibles for kids you can purchase today, this is probably my favorite Scripture.

Day By Day Bible by Reeves Eira

One of the biggest challenges for youth and adults is in staying disciplined in reading the word on a daily basis.  The day by day Bible is a great tool for helping children get into a disciplined habit of reading the Scriptures every day.  If we teach our children to study the Scriptures when they are young, they will be much better off as they get older!  It is never too early to teach your kids to study the Scriptures.

ICB Compact Kids Bible – Pink Camo-Imitation Leather from the Intern Child Bible Company

Some kids think that the Bible is boring and not for them.  You may want to try purchasing a cool Bible that your child will love!  This pink camo Bible is perfect for girls who are into fashion.  You can take it anywhere you want, and it is very flexible.   It is one of the top selling Bibles on the market today.

King James Version Study Bible for Boys from Baker Books

This is another great Bible you can buy for boys who want to have a cool Bible!  This Bible includes devotions and study notes to help boys learn the different books of the Bible.  It also details the daily lives of Biblical characters in Bible times.  In addition, it challenges boys to make good decisions about values and to dress appropriately.

NIV Childrens Illustrated Bible from Zondervan Bibles

This illustrated Bible is full color presentation pages, and it has a beautiful illustrated cover.  While it has illustrations, it is designed for older children ages 8 and older.  The NIV version is the most popular English translation in the world today, so your child will have the same translation of the Scriptures that most people have.

These are just some of the many Scriptures you can give to your kids today.  There are many Bibles for kids that are perfect for introducing children to the love of Jesus!