What are the different types of Bibles?  Well…this is a loaded question!  There are many different translations of the Scriptures.  There are actually thousands of different translations of the Scriptures, and some people think that some of the translations of the Scriptures are not even inspired by God.  It is up to you to make your own determinations about the Scriptures, and Google is a good place to go if you have reservations about the translation you are thinking about buying.

Some of the most popular translations of the Word of God include the New American Bible (NAB), the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), the New International Version (NIV), the King James Version (KJV), The Message Bible, the New American Standard Bible, and the New Living Translation.  Many people believe that the King James Version is the only true English version of the Scriptures.  Other people don’t like the King James translation because it is difficult to read.

The King James Version was written in the 1600s in old English, so many people have a hard time understanding this interpretation.  For people who come from a scholarly background, the King James Version is the most common translation that many people study.  It is one of the earliest English translations of the Scriptures.  If you are good with reading Shakespeare, then you will like the King James Bible.  If reading Shakespeare is difficult for you, then this translation is not for you.

The New King James Version was intended to be the updated version of the King James Version.  It was originally going to only replace a few words of the King James Bible, but the translators couldn’t copyright the new version.  They had to come up with more expansive changes to the book so that it could be copyrighted into a new version. The New King James version is written at a college level reading level, and it is an excellent translation for studying the Scriptures.

The other different types of Bibles are popular too, and the New International Version has been the most popular English translation of the Scriptures sold over the last 30 years.  Many churches use the New International Version of the Scriptures.

Different types of Bibles are often marketed to specific denominations of the church.  The Catholic Bible includes all 39 Old Testament books, and it also includes all of the 27 New Testament books.  In addition, the Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha, which are 14 books that were written between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament.  The New Testament never refers to the Apocrypha, and it was not included in any translations until 1546 as a result of the Protestant Reformation.

When it comes to the different types of Bibles, there are also many different types of study Bibles.  There are parallel Bibles, one year Bibles, Chronological Bibles, Reference Bibles, and Specialty Bibles.  Parallel Bibles are great for studying the different translations, while chronological Bibles are great if you want to read the Bible in chronological order.  There are many different types of Bibles and translations you can get today!