As many Christians grow in their walk with the Lord, they often feel called into full-time ministry!  Many times, this means being a missionary in a foreign country.   For other people, this means church planting!  In all of the excitement of planting a new church, it is easy to forget about all of the details that go into planting churches!  Most new ministries start in a high school or movie theater, but there are still a lot of supplies you are going to need before you can even open the doors on Sunday morning.

Here are my top 5 most important church supplies you’ll need.

Anointing Oils

Most people forget about anointing oil.  You will want to have some anointing oil on hand for special occasions where people will be anointed in services and other times during the week.  The pastor might not forget about buying this, but other people in the church probably would never think of buying this for the leaders.


Your laptop can be one of the most valuable tools the church owns in the early days.  If you are on a tight budget, there are only so many things you can purchase, and a laptop is versatile.  The laptop is perfect for saving notes for the sermon and setting up PowerPoint presentations.  You can also use the laptop to setup PowerPoint presentations for Sunday morning services and Wednesday night times too.

Social media is a huge part of promoting your church.  Christians need to have a place where they can stay connected and fellowship with other believers in the faith.  Social media makes it easier than ever for the people in your church to fellowship with other believers every single day.  If your congregation does not have a Facebook page, it needs to be there!

The laptop is one of the most important components of a small congregation because it can help you in many ways.


Make sure you have Bibles for the people who don’t bring a Bible to church.  You will also need to have them for Sunday school classrooms and other times meetings during the week.  Before you buy the Bibles you are going to use in Sunday school, make a decision about which translation you want to use in the services.

Communion Supplies

You need to have communion supplies for the congregation too.  Make sure you purchase communion cups, communion trays, wafers, and juice.  You will need to make sure this is part of your congregational supplies.

Offering Supplies

Don’t forget to have offering envelopes!  How are you going to accept money?  You will need to have paperwork to keep up with all of the offerings the church receives from members of the congregation.  You should also have a way for people to donate online for the Sundays when they will be out of town.

There are many church supplies you’ll need from the first Sunday you open!  Many people don’t even realize that there are many vendors that specialize in selling church supplies for congregations.  Be sure to check out reputable dealers where you can get the supplies that you need.