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When you buy Bibles online, there are many different factors to consider! Buying a great study Bible is a key to learning about the Word of God.  Study Bibles are awesome because they can help you interpret the Scriptures in new ways.  Even Biblical scholars constantly study the Scriptures to find new meanings and interpretations of Scripture.  When you buy a study guide, it helps you to see the Word of the Lord in a Biblical perspective.



When you buy Bibles online, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices available.  There are literally thousands of websites where you buy them!  If you are like many people, you can easily overanalyze your decisions and spend too much time finding a Bible to buy.  Here are some strategies to follow as you are shopping online.

1.       Work with specialty websites that have hundreds of Bibles you can buy. 

Christian websites are great for buying scriptures.  They usually have connections with hundreds of wholesalers that manufacture Bibles for new Christians, as well as for pastors and ministers.  They can connect you to dealers who sell Bibles in different languages.  If you want to purchase a hardback Bible, you can find them at these sites.  If you want to purchase Bibles in bulk, you can do that too.

2.       Decide what translation of the Word you want to read.

One of the most overlooked aspects of studying the Scriptures is the translation of the Bible.  There are some people who only read the original King James translation of the Scriptures.  You can buy study scriptures in the King James format.  Other people want to read the Word in a way that is easy to understand.  The Message Bible has been specifically written for people who want to read the Scriptures in an easy format.  It is not the best Bible to read for an in-depth understanding of the Scriptures, but it is great for new Christians and for people who want a fresh perspective on the Word.  When you buy Bibles online, there are many different translations you can purchase.

3.       Price should never determine how much money you spend on a new Bible.

The price of what you are buying should never be a major consideration when it comes to the Scriptures.  When we leave this world and enter eternal life, the only things we take with us are our relationship with the Lord, and our relationships with others.  Everything that we study today helps us prepare for eternal life.  As Christians, we need to commit our extra money to the things in life that really matter.

4.       Check on shipping rates and restrictions before you ship Bibles outside the United States.

Missionaries often buy Bibles online to hand out to local citizens and other Christians.  If you are doing this, make sure you check with the website on shipping restrictions before you order.  Christian websites often receive orders from missionaries around the world who buy Bibles in bulk to hand out to the local community.  There may be some challenges in getting the Scriptures to you, so you may want to contact the websites personally before making a major purchase to make sure there are not going to be any major issues with getting the Bibles to you.

When you buy Bibles online, it is a good idea to work with reputable Christian websites.  They can help you decide what Bibles are best for your needs, and they can assist you in shipping Bibles overseas too.  When you buy Bibles online from Christian websites, you help support Christian ministries and Christian businesses!


Are you looking to buy Bibles in bulk?  Do you know what kind of scriptures you want to buy?  Do you need them for a church, or are you going to smuggle them into China?  There are many reasons why a Christian would buy Bibles in bulk.  There are many Christian websites that sell Bibles, and some sites will give you free shipping if you buy items at a bulk rate.   There are several aspects you should consider when you are purchasing a lot of Bibles.

Buy Everything Through a Reputable Christian Retailer

Christians are going to have the best resources and connections when it comes to buying Christian products.  With all of the selection available today, it is easy for people to buy everything through major retailers, but I recommend sticking with the Christian companies.  When you buy items through Christian companies, you will know that you are supporting Christian causes that strongly support your efforts to spread the Gospel through the church.

The Size of the Bibles

When you buy Bibles in bulk, you should think about the size of the Bibles.  Do they need to be able to fit in the back of the pews at your church, or will they be sent overseas to be distributed to the locals?  These are all important considerations to evaluate before you order.  Smaller Bibles will be easier to transport than larger Bibles, but the smaller print might be harder to read too.

Lifespan of the Bibles

If you are buying them to place in a church sanctuary, it is very possible that they will be there for many decades.  You should make sure that the Scriptures you buy are sturdy and will last for a very long time.  Many Christian organizations and churches will buy Bibles in bulk to place in hotel rooms.  This is a great way to reach people with the Gospel, as there are only so many things you can do when staying in a hotel.  In many cases, these will be removed from the hotel room, so I would not buy anything that is designed to still be around in 40 years.

Choosing the Right Translation

Every church denomination has their own preference for reading the Scriptures.  Some of the most popular versions of the Bible include the NIV, NKJ, KJV, NRSV, Message, NASB, and the NLT.  Make sure you buy the right version for your readers.  If the Pastor reads the word from the NIV version, and you are buying Bibles to place within the congregation, you should buy the NIV version for the sanctuary.

When you buy Bibles in bulk, there are many important features to consider.  The size of the book makes a big difference if you are going to be carrying everything for long distances.  Pocket-size Bibles are much easier to transport than larger Scriptures.  If you are handing them out in the mission field and can get them at a cheaper price, you can get more Scriptures distributed and reach more people with the Gospel.  When you buy Bibles in bulk, make sure you work with a reputable Christian retailer.

Check out a reputable Christian retailer to buy Bibles in bulk.