One of the greatest challenges facing missionaries today is finding cheap Bibles to hand out to the people in the community.  Some of the more remote tribes in 3rd world countries may not even have any Bibles written in their own language.  Fortunately, most cultures understand the English language, and you can find many cheap Bibles translated in English.

The best way to find cheap Bibles is to buy Bibles in bulk.  When you buy any materials in bulk, you can get a better rate than what you normally get on the same products.  There are many places where you can get Bibles at affordable prices.  There are many charitable Christian organizations that give away pocket Bibles for free, but they probably won’t be able to give away a lot of Bibles for free unless they receive regular donations.

If you are serious about getting cheap Bibles for the mission field, you have a few options.

You could have a church missionary team include Bibles in their suitcases.  This is an economical way to get Bibles to any location in the world.   If you have a 20 member mission team arriving at your base, then each member of the team could include five Bibles in their suitcases.  This would be an easy way to get 100 Bibles to the base.

If you need thousands of Bibles, then you are going to need to order them to be shipped to your location.  You can either order cheap Bibles at a large website, or you can order them at a Christian website.  When you order Bibles through a well-known website like Amazon, you can usually get pretty good rates, but they won’t be able to offer you bulk discounts for larger orders.  The major retailers often offer competitive prices, and you can read reviews of many of the products on these sites.

There are other advantages to buying products on Christian websites.  Christian sites are going to understand the logistics involved with getting Bibles to the mission field.  Shipping products to an address overseas can be challenging, but Christian websites will help missionaries as they recognize the ministry benefits of shipping Bibles overseas.  Christian websites are great because they work with hundreds of Christian manufacturers that can get Bibles for virtually any translation.  Christian websites specialize in selling Bibles, so they have the largest selection of Scriptures.

You can find cheap Bibles for any occasion.  Mission teams often need products that they can distribute among local people in the area.  Full-time missionaries need them to help reach the lost for Christ!