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As many Christians grow in their walk with the Lord, they often feel called into full-time ministry!  Many times, this means being a missionary in a foreign country.   For other people, this means church planting!  In all of the excitement of planting a new church, it is easy to forget about all of the details that go into planting churches!  Most new ministries start in a high school or movie theater, but there are still a lot of supplies you are going to need before you can even open the doors on Sunday morning.

Here are my top 5 most important church supplies you’ll need.

Anointing Oils

Most people forget about anointing oil.  You will want to have some anointing oil on hand for special occasions where people will be anointed in services and other times during the week.  The pastor might not forget about buying this, but other people in the church probably would never think of buying this for the leaders.


Your laptop can be one of the most valuable tools the church owns in the early days.  If you are on a tight budget, there are only so many things you can purchase, and a laptop is versatile.  The laptop is perfect for saving notes for the sermon and setting up PowerPoint presentations.  You can also use the laptop to setup PowerPoint presentations for Sunday morning services and Wednesday night times too.

Social media is a huge part of promoting your church.  Christians need to have a place where they can stay connected and fellowship with other believers in the faith.  Social media makes it easier than ever for the people in your church to fellowship with other believers every single day.  If your congregation does not have a Facebook page, it needs to be there!

The laptop is one of the most important components of a small congregation because it can help you in many ways.


Make sure you have Bibles for the people who don’t bring a Bible to church.  You will also need to have them for Sunday school classrooms and other times meetings during the week.  Before you buy the Bibles you are going to use in Sunday school, make a decision about which translation you want to use in the services.

Communion Supplies

You need to have communion supplies for the congregation too.  Make sure you purchase communion cups, communion trays, wafers, and juice.  You will need to make sure this is part of your congregational supplies.

Offering Supplies

Don’t forget to have offering envelopes!  How are you going to accept money?  You will need to have paperwork to keep up with all of the offerings the church receives from members of the congregation.  You should also have a way for people to donate online for the Sundays when they will be out of town.

There are many church supplies you’ll need from the first Sunday you open!  Many people don’t even realize that there are many vendors that specialize in selling church supplies for congregations.  Be sure to check out reputable dealers where you can get the supplies that you need.


Most people never think about church supplies when they are starting a church.  They think about the pastors and the staff.  You might wonder where the church buys the Bibles that sit in the back of the pews, but only pastors and church secretaries think about things like offering envelopes.  There are many administrative duties related to running a church, and this doesn’t include the time that pastors should spend in ministry too.

Here are four questions you should be asking yourself as you purchase church supplies for your church:

What do my Sunday school teachers need?

Your Sunday school teachers probably have lots of needs.  Give them a call and see what supplies they would like to have in the classroom.  They may need items to place on the bulletin board.  Dry erase markers are common needs in classrooms with dry erase boards.  If you have chalkboards in the classroom, the teachers may need chalk.  For the kids in elementary school, the teachers may need craft supplies, pens and pencils, glue, scissors, and various other supplies.

Most important, all of the Sunday school classes should be stocked with Bibles.  Never assume that the kids coming to Sunday school will have a Bible with them.  In all likelihood, some kids won’t bring their Bible to church.  If a classroom is specifically designated as a kid’s classroom for Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, then you can stock the room with Bibles for kids.

Another important aspect of Sunday morning services is the copy machine.  Sunday school teachers often spend time making copies of lessons and other materials on Sunday morning, so you need to make sure the copy machine is working properly.  Do have enough paper for the copier?  Make sure there is still plenty of toner in the copy machine too!  You may not think about the copy machine when you are buying church supplies, but there is nothing more frustrating than a copier that is out of order!

What items are needed in the sound booth?

In most cases, the people who run sound at the church won’t have any ongoing needs, but they may need batteries for the wireless microphones.  Check and make sure everything is working well with the sound equipment.

Do we have enough cleaning supplies for the cleaning crew? 

This is probably something that most members never think about.  If you have a large church, there is much more maintenance to keep the building clean.  Check with the people who clean your church to see if they need any cleaning supplies.  Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is working well, and if it uses bags, make sure to have plenty of replacement bags too.  Vacuum cleaner bags can be considered church supplies too!

Do you have everything you need for Holy Communion?

Communion supplies are an integrate part of the Sunday morning service.  I don’t need to tell you this!  Make sure you always have plenty of communion supplies on hand.  You will want to have communion wafers, communion trays, communion juice, and other supplies too.

There are many places where you can buy church supplies for churches.  You can buy cleaning supplies, printer cartridges, and batteries at your local store, but you will want to get your church supplies at a reputable dealer that specializes in church items.

Most people who are casual church attenders don’t think about all of the things that go into running a church.  When the average person thinks about the staff of a church, they think about the pastor and maybe the secretary.  They don’t think about the church treasurer or the grounds keeper.   Most people don’t even think about church supplies.

Have you ever wondered where your church buys church supplies?  They buy them from a church supplies store!  You may be responsible for buying the supplies for your church office, or you are volunteering to help out the church.  Here are some of the supplies you didn’t even know your church needs.

Usher Supplies

On Sunday morning, the greeters and the ushers make the first impression on visitors who walk through the doors.  New families in the community who are looking for a new church will pay attention to every detail when they walk through the front doors.  One of the ways you can identify your ushers in the congregation is through name tags and usher tags.  This helps visitors identify who the ushers are in the congregation.

Ushers are often responsible for a variety of tasks.  They hand out bulletins to people coming through the doors.  They pass out the offering plates.  They count the money in the tithes each Sunday.  They have many responsibilities in the congregation.

Usher gloves are appropriate for the ushers who handle the money in the church.  Money is known to be dirty, and gloves are appropriate for handling large sums of money in the offering.

Anointing Oils

Anointing oil was used in the Scriptures to be set apart as sacred to God.  King David was anointed several times in the Bible.  Mary of Bethel poured expensive perfume (which would have been pure spikenard oil) over Jesus head and feet. After Jesus died on the cross, they used different aloes and myrrh before he was buried.  Some of the most common oils used today include Myrrh Anointing Oil, Cassia Anointing Oil, and Spikenard anointing oil.

Christian Movies

There are many movies you may want to have in the church library.  Some of the DVDs may include movies to use for Sunday school classes, and other movies may include DVDs to use in small groups.  There are other Christian movies you may want to have in your library too such as Fireproof, Passion of the Christ, and Facing the Giants.  Children’s ministries usually have a need for Christian resources too, so you will want to include children’s movies in your library too.  Christian movies are important to have in your church supplies.

Church Bulletins

There are hundreds of designs you can use with your church bulletins.  Some churches use a different design every week.  Other churches have different designs for seasonal times.  The most popular designs for churches include wedding bulletins, funeral bulletins, Thanksgiving Bulletins, Christmas bulletins, Easter bulletins, and Mother’s Day bulletins.

Church Robes, Clerical Shirts, and Choir Gowns

The pastor or priest wears a specific church robe, clerical shirt, or gown in some denominations.  They will need a few outfits they can wear on different Sundays.  Choirs often wear choir gowns too.  There are specific stores where you can buy these types of products.

Baptism Supplies

You may want to have specific robes for the pastor to wear during baptisms.  The person getting baptized may wear a special outfit too.  In addition to baptism robes, you will also want to have a supply of baptism certificates on hand to commemorate this special day.

There are many other church supplies that are unique to churches.  Communion wafers, communion trays, and communion cups are just some of the things that come to mind.  Large churches may need to purchase parking vests for the people directing traffic outside.

Get church supplies here!

Churches are always looking for a great church supplies store.  There are many unique supplies that churches have that can only be supplied by a limited number of distributors.  You cannot go into your local retail store and buy communion trays or church bulletin templates!  There are very specific sites you can visit that have many supplies you can buy to cover all of the needs of the church.  Here are some of the main supplies you can purchase at a church supplies store.

Communion Supplies

Whether your congregation takes Holy Communion every Sunday or once a quarter, communion is an integrate part of the church service.  You will need to purchase communion cups, communion wafers, communion juice, communion trays, and other related products to Holy Communion.

If you are new to the church, you will want to check with the pastor or priest to see if your church has any specific requirements regarding the appropriate materials to use in your church service.  Some churches have everyone drink out of a cup, and other churches have members tear off the bread and dip it into the wine.

Some churches allow you to use prefilled communion cups with wafers in one set.  There are different trays you can use that have communion cup holders and communion plates.  If you are taking communion in your home, there are communion supplies you can buy that are appropriate for a family.

Communion supplies are readily available in a church supplies store.

Church Bulletins

Church bulletins are important because they are one of the first impressions of a church when visitors come to the church.  There are literally church bulletin covers you can purchase for every occasion.  There are patriotic church bulletin covers you can purchase for the fourth of July. Mother’s Day bulletins and Father’s Day bulletins are great for their respective holidays.

You may not have specialized bulletins for every holiday, but Christmas bulletins are almost expected by the congregation.  Your church should also place a lot of significance on Easter, so Easter bulletins are important too.  Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity, but our culture does not put a lot of emphasis on the Easter holiday.  You can find many bulletins in a church supplies store.

Sunday School Supplies

Children should be a high priority in our churches.  They are the people who will be leading our churches 30 years from now.  There are a wide variety of Sunday school supplies you will want to have available.  Attendance pads are always useful as it is hard to remember who attends your classes every week.  You can place posters on the walls of your classroom.  You should post the 10 commandments somewhere in the class, and you can also place other posters on the wall to help teach kids of God’s love for others.

You may also consider getting Sunday school puppets and Sunday school crafts.  Kids love puppets shows and crafts, and they can help teach the gospel in a fun way that helps the children pay attention to the message.

There are many things to keep up with when you are running a church.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.  Ask other people in the congregation to help out with getting the supplies you need through a church supplies store.