Get church supplies here!

Churches are always looking for a great church supplies store.  There are many unique supplies that churches have that can only be supplied by a limited number of distributors.  You cannot go into your local retail store and buy communion trays or church bulletin templates!  There are very specific sites you can visit that have many supplies you can buy to cover all of the needs of the church.  Here are some of the main supplies you can purchase at a church supplies store.

Communion Supplies

Whether your congregation takes Holy Communion every Sunday or once a quarter, communion is an integrate part of the church service.  You will need to purchase communion cups, communion wafers, communion juice, communion trays, and other related products to Holy Communion.

If you are new to the church, you will want to check with the pastor or priest to see if your church has any specific requirements regarding the appropriate materials to use in your church service.  Some churches have everyone drink out of a cup, and other churches have members tear off the bread and dip it into the wine.

Some churches allow you to use prefilled communion cups with wafers in one set.  There are different trays you can use that have communion cup holders and communion plates.  If you are taking communion in your home, there are communion supplies you can buy that are appropriate for a family.

Communion supplies are readily available in a church supplies store.

Church Bulletins

Church bulletins are important because they are one of the first impressions of a church when visitors come to the church.  There are literally church bulletin covers you can purchase for every occasion.  There are patriotic church bulletin covers you can purchase for the fourth of July. Mother’s Day bulletins and Father’s Day bulletins are great for their respective holidays.

You may not have specialized bulletins for every holiday, but Christmas bulletins are almost expected by the congregation.  Your church should also place a lot of significance on Easter, so Easter bulletins are important too.  Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity, but our culture does not put a lot of emphasis on the Easter holiday.  You can find many bulletins in a church supplies store.

Sunday School Supplies

Children should be a high priority in our churches.  They are the people who will be leading our churches 30 years from now.  There are a wide variety of Sunday school supplies you will want to have available.  Attendance pads are always useful as it is hard to remember who attends your classes every week.  You can place posters on the walls of your classroom.  You should post the 10 commandments somewhere in the class, and you can also place other posters on the wall to help teach kids of God’s love for others.

You may also consider getting Sunday school puppets and Sunday school crafts.  Kids love puppets shows and crafts, and they can help teach the gospel in a fun way that helps the children pay attention to the message.

There are many things to keep up with when you are running a church.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.  Ask other people in the congregation to help out with getting the supplies you need through a church supplies store.