Communion wafers are an integral part of the communion service.   The bread and wine symbolize the body and blood of Christ.  The bread in the communion service represents the body of Christ.  Catholics also believe in transubstantiation.  They believe that when you pray a blessing over communion during the service, the bread and the wine are literally the body and blood of Christ.  Protestant churches believe in the symbolic nature of the bread and blood of Christ.

Regardless of the way your church serves communion, it is important that you purchase the appropriate wafers for the service.  There are several sites where you can purchase communion supplies including communion trays, communion wine, and communion wafers.  Here are the most common types of communion wafers and supplies.

Unleavened Communion Bread Pack

This is probably the most common type of bread served in Holy Communion.   The bread of Christ is unleavened and broken into ½ square pieces for easy serving to the congregation.  The bread is made from water, flour, and vegetable shortening. You can usually purchase the unleavened bread pieces in large packs of 500 pieces or larger.

Gluten Free Communion Wafers

Gluten free communion wafers are important for people who need to eat gluten free foods.  If someone says they are on a gluten free diet, it means they may have Celiac disease.  This is a genetic disease that is an autoimmune disorder of the small bowel.  People with this disorder have very selective diets, but they can eat ingredients and foods like potatoes, tapioca, rice, corn, sweet potato, and yam.  Physicians disagree on some of the foods that you can eat when you have Celiac disease.  Oats are consumed by some sufferers of Celiac disease, but some doctors advise against it.

Prefilled Communion Cups

Prefilled communion cups are great because they are easy to handle.  In most cases, you can purchase prefilled communion cups that include the wafers too.  These can be used in a normal church service, but they are great for use in mobile churches that don’t have an established building.  It takes a lot of time to prepare the elements for Holy Communion, but these don’t require any preparation.

Plastic Communion Cups

If you are going to provide your own wine and bread for this occasion, you should probably consider buying plastic communion cups.  These cups are great because you purchase a lot of these cups for a cheap price.

Make sure that you purchase the supplies that make the most sense for your church services.  Buying supplies in bulk will give you the best value for your money, as you will be able to save on shipping costs when you buy a large supply of wafers and juice.  Prefilled communion cups with wafers work great for many services.  You can find the unleavened community bread pack at many Christian websites.  While communion wafers can be purchased at various websites, Christian websites that specialize in communion supplies have the largest selection of wafers and juice sets.